The ground fresh meat complete, is packed in sausages and contains a vitamin premix, suitable for dogs,

cats and ferrets. This premix also contains Taurine, an indispensable ingredient for the cat.

We also have the so-called Mix line, in which no additives have been processed, that is, single meat with only muscle meat, organ meat and bone.

The game products are mainly real game products and therefore also organic.

We guarantee hygiene-controlled production and offer our products at an affordable price.

If you do not yet know our products, you can place an initial small order, which we will gladly deliver to your home for a small fee.

If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact us and we will take these products back without protest and refund the amount paid to your account. We can only offer another product if you wish.

The conditions for returns are that you keep it in the freezer until it is picked up and it was delivered no more than a month ago.

We guarantee consistent quality, because we keep a close eye on the quality of the fresh products supplied.